since 1998, including as a bonus quite a few years of authorial ennui

doing a little bit of cleaning up around here, in advance of a wave of new visitors. if that's the word?:: january 2011

oh hey: happy belated 12th. tired: prepubescent acne; wired: nearsightedness and gigantic tortiseshell eyeglasses. i was a 2009 hipster in 1988! although, at the time, the term of art was "loser." :: may 2010

sweet victory; the country is ours again. I wanted it in 2004, but I'll take it in 2008. :: november 2008

happy tenth birthday, internet website domain of mine. if you prove to follow in your mother's footsteps, you'll become intimately acquainted in the coming year with the facial expression worn by people who are striving to avoid eye contact with one or more menacing whitehead(s). you're going to think that maybe boobs will happen pretty soon, by way of compensation. you'll be wrong. but while you're waiting, your status as Last Remaining Undershirt In The Sixth Grade will be verified by a dozen giggling eyewitnesses, thanks to en-masse administration of the Adams forward bend test, and also gym class. welcome to the awkward years!
p.s.: those boobs are scheduled to make an appearance in approximately 2013. :: april 2008

it makes me sad that the web now is constructed entirely around Joining, but: ; my YouTube; my Twitter.

the best-preserved remainder of my Pompeii-like web presence: stained glass crafting.

all the most important people in new york are nineteen