1. Official SXSW program, or playbook, or souvenir publication, or whatever.
  2. My host for SXSW Week: Benbrown Dotcom, a recent convert to the Austin faith.
  3. Lots of parties and meet-and-greet, SXSW-affiliated and otherwise, await throughout the next few days.
  4. Evan Williams, Jack Saturn, and Robert Occhialini at the Milkshake Media open house. Robert tells me he has an excellent zoom photo of my nose.
  5. At the Web Awards: Ben is bored and beautiful.
  6. Lane and Monstro beat out Ana Voog's breasts in the Best Online Diary category.
  7. The Deepleap pre-launch party, rocking the house.
  8. Branded condoms in the conference goodie bag. I only got one from drdrew.com. Others got up to three. I took it personally.
  9. Frogdesign's party featured drums, cotton candy, tattoos, neon, fire, clowns, and too many people in too small a space.
  10. Also at Frogdesign: geek-envy chairs and Bryan Boyer, Jesse Chan-Norris, Heather Champ, Claire Hurman, Ben, Derek Powazek.
  11. Heather had the best "business cards", followed closely by Betty Ray's.
  12. Betty, in her official capacity as Mayor of Fuckertown, was was also handing out postcards.
  13. Name That Weblogger: Robert Occhialini, Nikolai Nolan, Jack Saturn, Brad Graham, Jesse James Garrett, Fred Pyen. I even managed to have conversations with most of them.
  14. I ended up with many shiny new stickers .
  15. The Usercentric Design panel was packed, so Sarah whipped out a little Sony digital recorder and started an impromptu panel of her own. Like the previous day's Life Online panel but cooler.
  16. Maura heads up the discussion while Gregory gets the audio under control; Sarah looks on.
  17. Jeff Veen is taller than Jennifer Niederst, and pretty much everyone else.
  18. The thing to do with a garage is to project video games onto it.
  19. Probably it was too late to be taking pictures: Lance Arthur, Steven Champeon, Courtney Skott, Lane, Shauna Wright, Ben.
  20. They take food seriously in Texas. Pableaux put Bryan to work chopping a huge bag of bell peppers; Jesse supervised.
  21. I hit the t-shirt jackpot the last day of the conference. Extra points to bigwords.com for providing women's sizes and cute cartoon characters.
  22. We weren't supposed to take pictures in the actual panels. But Judith Zissman and Bryan and Claire weren't awake enough to care.
  23. 5:30 on Tuesday evening and the last panel of the conference is over---Jason Kottke powernaps before the closing party.
  24. Hoover's provided limo service to the closing party at Twist; Jesse, John Halcyon Styn, and Ben live large for the entire three blocks.
  25. I nearly made the mistake of flying home without a ritual plush toy purchase. Fortunately, a shop across the street from Twist was able to help me out...
  26. ...and my very favorite bit of conference swag---the Disgruntled Housewife dishtowel---now complements my tastefully appointed kitchen.

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