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It's a glass cutter.
October 10, 2002: Homework, the Sequel
More cutting tonight. The Cobalt Blue pieces, nine of them. Wasn't sure I'd have enough glass, so I tried very hard to cut very carefully. Made it through eight and seven-eighths of those pieces before accidentally taking a small chip out of the back edge of piece number nine. I want so badly to pretend it didn't happen, but I can't: any chip, scratch, crack, or even too-rough edge becomes a stress point which will, two or six or twelve months down the road, be the first place the finished panel will crack.

Just for a moment, pretend with me that it didn't happen:

Over the last three nights, I cut all the Cobalt Blue, Dark Violet, and Medium Green glass for my crocus panel project. I have enough pieces done that it's starting to almost look like something.

21 pieces down, 48 to go. That'll be 2 curvy small yellow bits, and 46 red background pieces, most of which are nothing but straight lines, i.e., harder for me to screw up. Plus, of course, a redo on the one I messed up tonight, whenever I can put my hands on a scrap-sized piece of Cobalt Blue.

Tonight's injury: clumsily poked myself in the cuticle of the index finger of my left hand with a sharp corner of fresh-cut glass. That finger is looking really rough these days.

Also today, ordered a grinder from Warner-Crivellaro. That price matching thing? They really mean it. I ended up with the sort of bargain you almost feel bad about. Almost.

Posted by Michelle on October 10, 2002 10:24 PM

The oops chipping cracking is probably exactly why I could never be succesful at this craft.

Its looking really good! You should make your next piece a homage to the kitty triumvirate, that'd make a nice addition to a front door on the house!

Posted by: mike on October 11, 2002 12:11 AM

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