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Weisser Glass Studio
Where I buy supplies, and where I took a foil class.

Virginia Stained Glass Co.
Where I buy supplies if I happen to be in Springfield and if they happen to have what I want.

Great prices on supplies, a lively and helpful Glass Chat message board, and excellent Technical Tips on stained glass tools and techniques.

Glass Galleries Links List
A list of Glass Chat users who've uploaded photos of their work.

The StoreFinder: Stained Glass Store Front
Lots of articles. Tutorials
Even more articles. Particularly recommended: "Anatomy of a design" and "Wood frames."
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Nancy's Beginner Tips and Tricks
Scoring, breaking, soldering, finishing, and more.

Splinter Removal Tips

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It's a glass cutter.
November 17, 2006: Tod Beall Is My Hero

That tip on how to handle leading very small circles?

Completely awesome. Screw the copper foil... we're back to Plan A, which is All Lead All The Time.

Glory hallelujah.

The color-coding on my production pattern will still be useful. Instead of describing copper lines and foil lines, it'll now be red = 1/8" H round lead, blue = 3/8" H round lead. I have about a ton of 3/8", will have to buy more 1/8". Also a new 1/8" grinder bit, to carve out the little nicks on the ends of the dogwood petals: I have one, but it's missing a tiny little screw that holds it in place, and so it's wobbly to the point of wanting to launch itself off the grinder and across the room mid-operation. Also 26 15mm round faceted red jewels. Some women buy shoes...

Posted by Michelle on November 17, 2006 11:27 AM

You're welcome! Imagine my surprise...
Hope all is going well.
- Tod

Posted by: Tod Beall on March 18, 2009 03:24 PM
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