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It's a glass cutter.
January 28, 2003: Foil Ahoy
Tonight I signed up for a copper foil stained glass class, Saturday afternoons from early March to early April. I'm too pleased with myself, because I want to eventually make pretty lamps, and pretty lamps are built in foil, not lead, so there you go.

The class is not at The Art League in Alexandria, where I took my lead class, but instead at Weisser Glass Studio in Kensington. I suspect I'll miss Jimmy's style---he told us early on in the lead class that all the glass stores in the area know him as the guy who lets his beginning students do any project they want---still, the people at Weisser have been knowledgeable and helpful every time I've visited and I'm sure they'll give an excellent class. Even if I do have to choose from a pre-approved selection of panels to build.

For those of you in the area who have said to me, "Oh, your glass looks like so much fun, I'd like to try that sometime"---now's your chance. You will need as a prerequisite to the Weisser foil class some glass cutting experience, but if you are a friend you could probably sweet-talk (or bribe?) me into showing you how to make a glass cutter go. Don't think about it too long, though... class enrollment is limited to eight. More info about the class is here (ignore the part about the class not being currently offered).

Posted by Michelle on January 28, 2003 07:45 PM

Very exciting :-)

I wonder if you could barter with them, lots o' free classes for a fancier, more functional web site ...

Posted by: Kim on January 28, 2003 10:50 PM

The thought had occurred to me... a nice database-driven administrative screen could take care of that "class is not available this session" issue :)

But Weisser's site isn't nearly as bad as some glass sites are. It's still 1998 out there, by and large. I keep having to actively remind myself not to be an internet snob when I go looking for glass info... it's tough.

Posted by: Michelle on January 29, 2003 10:35 AM

The class is Saturday afternoons? What time? Sarah works until 3 and I usually am at band from noon til 4. We'd love to see you while you are in the neighbourhood though, so ring us up! Sarah's schedule rarely changes, but mine does weekly.

Posted by: scully on January 29, 2003 01:28 PM

It's Saturday afternoons, 2:00 to 3:30. Probably something could be worked out :)

Posted by: Michelle on January 29, 2003 03:07 PM

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