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It's a glass cutter.
March 27, 2003: Framing Another Transom
Lest it seem the transom project has been abandoned:

Don checking the fit on the wooden frame before fastening it all together. The photo is actually almost three weeks old, we've both been busy since.

Don has made some progress on the frame for the second transom. This time he decided to work with oak, not spruce, and seemed really pleasantly surprised at how much easier it made the job, just to work with a higher-quality wood. The harder oak shows fewer and shallower table saw marks than the spruce did, which will translate into a requirement for less puttying, less sanding, and fewer coats of paint.

The transom isn't installed yet; it's hanging out in the basement in its frame, C-clamped to the workbench. I'm guessing the reason why has something to do with drying wood glue, but where carpentry is concerned, I don't ask questions, I just fetch beers. I'll have to sweet-talk the man of the house into putting in a little more time on that frame soon; I think it's so close to done that one more evening of work could have it installed in its home over the dining room doorway.

I still have to putty the third and final transom. I no longer have the excuse of it being too cold to go outside where I can make a proper mess, so I suppose that will happen soonish.

Posted by Michelle on March 27, 2003 11:58 AM

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