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It's a glass cutter.
April 01, 2003: Sparklybug
The compulsion to somehow make Weisser's lilypads/lotus flower pattern my own did not go away. So I made the lotus flower a little flying friend.

Still under construction, though barely.

The dragonfly is made of copper wire, copper mesh, and glass beads in greens and ambers. Sheer optimism leads me to believe that I can find a way to securely fasten it to the face of the lilypads panel. It's that or hurt myself with the soldering iron, trying.

Also, I almost forgot: remember Bob Ross? "Little happy trees" (doubtless the happiness was the direct result of a contact high)? It is my solemn duty to tell you that BOB ROSS LIVES. Specifically, at Michael's crafts stores.

Little happy painting books! Little happy brushes!

Posted by Michelle on April 01, 2003 08:05 PM

Think inside the box! (Superglue is your friend.)

Posted by: Jessica on April 1, 2003 08:16 PM

Bah. Superglue won't be nearly as strong as soldering the heavy wire on which the bug's body is strung into a seam on the panel... and I won't get my fingers stuck together using solder either :)

Posted by: Michelle on April 2, 2003 09:17 AM

Ugh. I am extremely adept at gluing all the fingers of one hand together with superglue - I can see why that would be bad.

I popped in just wanting to say that that dragonfly is really cool. ;)

Posted by: Adrith on April 2, 2003 09:24 AM

Duuuude! I want one!!!

Posted by: Eve on April 2, 2003 05:05 PM

hee. your source for big glass bugs.

Posted by: Michelle on April 2, 2003 10:08 PM

You could make a fortune. :)

Posted by: Eve on April 3, 2003 12:30 PM

Maybe... I went to the Home & Garden show I guess last month to check out the work of a local stained glass artist, and due to the show program having a typo in the location of the vendor I was there to visit, I wandered both floors of the convention center for a good while before finding him. During my travels, it seemed as if everyone these was clutching one of two things: cut pussywillows, or these big chunky sort of abstract dragonflies made of giant iridescent glass marbles worked into spiraling copper garden stakes. Very similar to these. (And I'm sure that's what put me in mind of a bug for the lilypads panel, though I'm not happy with my wings and am thinking of making them out of my oil-slick glass.)

Either the vendor of the garden bugs had put them on a huge last-day-of-show discount, or the masses simply crave gigantic sparkly garden bugs.

Posted by: Michelle on April 3, 2003 10:14 PM

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